The beginning

Here we are my little candies,

Everything starts from a little pinky bedroom where a little student who has a part-time job in a sushi restaurant and would like to share what we call The Fashion, or in this case : Her fashion… Or maybe, Our fashion.

Why? Because our outfits are a reflect of our personality, because we communicate with this magical tool, because in this extraordinary fashion world, the futility and the useless are the point…. Everything is allowed : colors, textiles, accessories, imagination, creativity… If someday, you feel like useless, you will understand that as the Fashion, you are not, you are exceptional. You, me, us.

Let’s start the adventure to share together ideas, concepts, looks, discussions, tutorials, competition to win special prices and even more… In order to create, build and live in peace with our fashion style and lifestyle !

What will be different here? Don’t expect me to share with you amazing lookbook where I will be a trendy model of 50 kilos, size 0 or XS with the latest outfits… Even if, I know, In Glamour or Cosmopolitan, we appreciate to see this kind of beautiful woman wearing 10 000€… But Candies, we are woman, we are not a size, we are not a price. And as you, I am not a rich skinny model, we are definitely better…. Only me, only you. (Only the brave? :D) So let’s start with our dreams, our budget and ourselves !

Me cadre mauvre

If you agree, are you ready?

Bisous Bisous,





2 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. I would like to add that in South Africa, what I love in magazine is that the models wear affordable brands, in cosmo for example, or sometimes even very cheap brands. I think they adapt according the country 🙂

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