Money Money Money, must be funny !

Hellow little Candies,


As a student and a little waitress, and as most of you, I don’t have the budget of Kate most or little daddy’s girl with an unlimited amount of money to spend… But still, I like fashion, trends and shopping ! In this case, you have to make a choice because fashion can be expensive : be the most trendy and have a negative bank account, or be selective: use all the pieces of your existing dressing, finding only new accessories or new way to wear it; do it yourself and buy only if you have a “coup de coeur” !


You will first save your lifestyle (eating pastas all the month is not the most exciting),  build your fashion dressing step by step and confirm your style… Because wearing the same outfits as Blake Lively is trendy, chic, wonderful… but not unique, not you !


Bisous Bisous



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